Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reflections on Cooper's First Year

As I rocked Cooper this morning at 4am I was reflecting on his first year and was in disbelief that he will be one in just a few days. It really is true what they say, time sure does fly, and they will only be little once.

Cooper John has induced a wide range of emotions in me.

Shock that morning in April when I discovered that we were pregnant, again.
Joy the afternoon in July with Jason and Mom as we watched our healthy little boy on the ultrasound machine.
Worry in early November when I discovered I was 4 cm dilated and Mom and Dad were on their way to Mexico.
Fear at my routine 37 week appointment when my midwife sent me immediately to the hospital because my blood pressure at skyrocketed (and Mom and Dad were still in Mexico).
Concern in the middle of my labor when we discovered Cooper was giving a "high-five" and trying to be born hand first.
Love in the afternoon on November 26th when I first got to hold my little boy.
Amazement that same evening as all three of my little miracles were gathered in the hospital room.

These days I feel:

Frustration when Cooper pulls everything out of the drawer for the 10th time.
Peace when all three kids are asleep and I can have quiet time with Jason.
Happiness when the kids are playing nicely together.
Stress as I attempt to get everyone off to daycare, school and work in the morning.
Blessed that I have three little miracles in my family.

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