Friday, December 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

This afternoon before heading to the winery for the Pina family Christmas Eve I downloaded the memory card from Jason's camera. I was pleased to find these pictures taken over the month of December as we got ready for Christmas.

On Friday the 10th, I decided to decorate Christmas cookies with Grace and Cooper while Jason and Emma took in a show. Grammie and Grampa joined us for cookies and dinner, and Emma and Jason made it home in time to decorate a cookie or two.
On the 13th we found our Christmas Tree.
Mommy loving on Henry.
Henry sporting his santa hat at Grace's Christmas program.
Years ago Maria gave my parents a stuffed Santa from Canada. Each year the kids look forward to him coming out of storage and taking pictures with him.
Last weekend we finally decorated the tree!
Henry hanging out with Santa and some Christmas lights.
Last night we finally hung up all the stockings for Santa Claus. My great-grandmother made the first one when my mom was a baby. My grandmother made ones for my dad when they got married and then for John and I when we were born. My mother carried on the tradition making stockings for Jason, Tracy and each of the grandkids. Traditionally the stockings aren't done until the baby's 2nd Christmas so Henry's should be ready next year.
I think it is so fun to have all 12 of us here at the house for the weekend!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Decorating the Tree

Grammie and Grampa came over last friday night and we had a great time as a family finally decorating the tree. Grammie had as much fun as the kids putting ornaments on the tree. Grampa enjoyed trying out his new camera and watching the activities.
He shared these photos with me:

The whole family in front of the tree.

Grace with Santa Claus. Cousin Maria sent this two my parents when Emma Jo was just a baby and the kids look forward to him coming out of storage every year.

Henry really wants to be a big boy and he was enjoying standing up watching the kids and lights.

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas season is quickly approaching. The last few years all the hoopla has felt more like a chore than a blessing, but this year I'm actually looking forward to all the trappings of the holidays. It started when I heard that Silver Oak's Christmas Party included kids this year. I loved buying dress up clothes for the kids. The boys are both young enough that I could buy whatever I wanted and dress them up like little dolls. I'm so excited to show off Cooper in his pin-stripped vest and tie, and Henry in his sweater vest and newsboy cap. Emma Jo is very happy to get to wear her father-daughter dress again and Grace likes any dress.

On Thanksgiving morning we dressed the kids up in their new outfits to try to capture a picture for our Christmas cards.

Before the party this weekend, I'm hoping to do a little shopping. I'm also hoping to string Christmas lights around the yard this weekend and begin to decorate the house. Next weekend, after Jason's 40th birthday, we'll be getting our tree and fully "Christmasfy" the house.