Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cooper's show

Cooper John is developing quite the little personality. He is growing up every day right before our eyes. This weekend as we were driving to Grammie's house for Sunday Dinner, Cooper did something great in the car (I can't remember what). I turned around to him and said give me a High-Five for that. He stuck up his hand and then pulled it down real quick and said "too slow". Several times since they he has played High-Five with his sisters, Up High, Down Low, Too Slow! He laughs every time.

Emma Jo got a ukulele for Christmas several years ago. Before his first birthday Cooper took it over as his "gitar". He loves to walk around the house and play it for us. Last night we were sitting on the couch catching up on our day when Cooper grabbed his "gitar" and started singing for us. Emma Jo love it and made a video. (Please forgive the mess and background noise.)

Cooper standing on the couch, in the pjs he wore to daycare all day, pretending he was a giant serenading him sisters and mommy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Grace's Easter Program

Each year, Windsor Christian Academy puts on a Christmas Program and an Easter Program. This year the Kindergartners got to be part of the Easter Program, Splash Kingdom. Grace was very excited and has been singing the songs for weeks!
Not only did Grace sing, she was also part of the Dance Team! She had all of her moves memorized and did a great job!
Cooper was a good little brother and sat calmly in the audience as we watched Grace and her classmates.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fifth Grade Field Trip

Yesterday Emma Jo's class went on a Field Trip to Ag Days at the fairgrounds. When she brought home the permission trip and realized where they were going, she instantly thought that Daddy might like to come. Thankfully Jason was able to take the day off and chaperon the trip.
I was hoping they would have a good time and get in a little father-daughter bonding. When I picked Emma up from basketball practice yesterday she couldn't stop talking about their day. She had a blast. They got to watch sheep shearing, goose herding, and see other examples of agriculture in our community. They they headed to the park for lunch and finally took a tour of Luther Burbanks home and gardens. Emma talked all the way home. It was so nice to see her excited and to have her nose out of a book. I've realized over the last few months that it is very difficult to parent a pre-teen.

Over dinner last night, Jason started telling me about the trip. I think he had as much fun as Emma Jo.

While I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't go, I am over-the-moon that the two of them had such a good time together. It makes my heart happy to see them so excited about an experience that they shared together.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's growing up.

Cooper John is growing into a big boy. I think it is time for potty training. He has been giving lots of signs lately that he is ready. Last night when I heard a scream come from the girl's bathroom and ran in there to find Cooper wet from his knees to the middle of his back I knew it was past time to buy a potty seat.

Cooper had pulled down his pants, taken off his diaper and climbed onto the potty to see. What he didn't realize was that instead of just flipping up the lid, he flipped up the seat. He fell in and was terrified. I dried him off and put on a clean diaper. He was very upset because he said he still needed to pee. Unfortunately he didn't want to try the big potty again and he refused to sit on his little potty. Today we will buy a potty seat and over the Good Friday/Easter weekend we will attempt potty training.

I think it is also becoming time to move him into a big boy bed. He has been having more and more issues with going to sleep and sleeping all night in his crib, but every chance he gets he will curl up in Grace's bed and pretend like he is sleeping. The past few weeks we've been bring him into our bed and he is pretty happy to sleep under the covers with us. We have a toddler bed in the garage so I'm tempted to bring it into the house and see if he sleeps better in it.

I don't really have a problem with him sleeping in our bed, but frost season has begun. Last night Jason had to get up to take care of the vineyards which left me at home with the kids. I brought Cooper into our bed around 2:30am and around 3:15 I was awoken with a thunk. Turns out Cooper kept inching over to Jason's side of the bed until he finally fell out. There were no tears and I pick him up and he stayed pretty close to me the rest of the night. I feel much more comfortable when he is sandwiched in between us with no chances of falling out. It makes me feel that a toddler bed might be a safer option for him, at least if he does fall out he won't get hurt.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Weekend!

For the first time in what seems like months, I had a great weekend! It is amazing what a little iron and a little sleep can do. I've actually got energy and feel alive! Of course, it did help that the sun is out and the weather is beautiful. Saturday started off jam packed with to-dos. Emma Jo had a science workshop, soccer game and date with Grammie. Grace had Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales (her first!). I had a list a mile long of things to buy at Target and the mall, things to clean, chores to accomplish. Thankfully Jason took Emma to her activities and I got to work down the to-do list and spend the day with Grace.

Sunday started off with French Toast and church (after we realized what time it actually was, thanks time change). Then the afternoon was spent constructing a lady bug and turtle costume. They are almost done and I'm pretty proud of how their turning out.

Then we headed to Grammie's for Sunday Dinner. With the great weather we were able to play outside both on the swing set and with bubbles!

Emma Jo is too big for the swingset but she loves to drive the golf cart!

After dinner it was time for S'mores. Grace was commenting on the way to Grammie's that we used to have S'mores at least twice a summer and we haven't had any in months. She didn't care that it was still winter...

Cooper didn't want a S'more, but I think he ate more marshmellows than anyone else. I stopped counting at four...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Little Bean

A friend recently commented on Facebook that I'm going to need to re-name this blog. I'm thinking of going with "2 Princesses, 1 Dude and the Little Bean". What do you think?

We went to UCSF on Monday and had our "big" ultrasound. Many people refer to these as the gender ultrasound, but Jason and I decided to forgo that and keep the Bean's gender a surprise. Or at least Jason agreed with my decision not to find out the gender.

We did get to see the Bean and everything was perfect. The ultrasound technician and doctor could find nothing to indicate there are any problems with the baby. Bean was curled up tight in a ball in the beginning and then did a full 180* and never stopped moving. At one point he was kicking his legs in and out over and over again. Unfortunately we couldn't get a good picture of Bean's face since he appeared to prefer laying looking at my back. The one shot where Bean was looking at us he had his hands covering his face.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How can you be mad at a face like this?

Cooper John has sure been giving us a run for our money lately. I know that he can't be blamed for being crabby and refusing to sleep when he has one (or two) ear infections, but he has been on antibotics for over 24 hours now, and he should be feeling better.

I don't think that Jason or I have gotten a full night's sleep in a month (besides our mini-vacation a couple of weeks ago). Not only has Cooper been waking up asking to "rock more". He has been screaming for his Papa in the middle of the night. He has given up on speaking and will only scream at 2am. He has Jason and I wondering if there is something more going on than terrible twos and ear infections.

Thankfully in the morning he is a happy little boy and a joy to be around. We are praying that the ears, sleeping and screaming will be better soon.