Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cooper's show

Cooper John is developing quite the little personality. He is growing up every day right before our eyes. This weekend as we were driving to Grammie's house for Sunday Dinner, Cooper did something great in the car (I can't remember what). I turned around to him and said give me a High-Five for that. He stuck up his hand and then pulled it down real quick and said "too slow". Several times since they he has played High-Five with his sisters, Up High, Down Low, Too Slow! He laughs every time.

Emma Jo got a ukulele for Christmas several years ago. Before his first birthday Cooper took it over as his "gitar". He loves to walk around the house and play it for us. Last night we were sitting on the couch catching up on our day when Cooper grabbed his "gitar" and started singing for us. Emma Jo love it and made a video. (Please forgive the mess and background noise.)

Cooper standing on the couch, in the pjs he wore to daycare all day, pretending he was a giant serenading him sisters and mommy.

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