Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fifth Grade Field Trip

Yesterday Emma Jo's class went on a Field Trip to Ag Days at the fairgrounds. When she brought home the permission trip and realized where they were going, she instantly thought that Daddy might like to come. Thankfully Jason was able to take the day off and chaperon the trip.
I was hoping they would have a good time and get in a little father-daughter bonding. When I picked Emma up from basketball practice yesterday she couldn't stop talking about their day. She had a blast. They got to watch sheep shearing, goose herding, and see other examples of agriculture in our community. They they headed to the park for lunch and finally took a tour of Luther Burbanks home and gardens. Emma talked all the way home. It was so nice to see her excited and to have her nose out of a book. I've realized over the last few months that it is very difficult to parent a pre-teen.

Over dinner last night, Jason started telling me about the trip. I think he had as much fun as Emma Jo.

While I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't go, I am over-the-moon that the two of them had such a good time together. It makes my heart happy to see them so excited about an experience that they shared together.

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