Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Little Bean

A friend recently commented on Facebook that I'm going to need to re-name this blog. I'm thinking of going with "2 Princesses, 1 Dude and the Little Bean". What do you think?

We went to UCSF on Monday and had our "big" ultrasound. Many people refer to these as the gender ultrasound, but Jason and I decided to forgo that and keep the Bean's gender a surprise. Or at least Jason agreed with my decision not to find out the gender.

We did get to see the Bean and everything was perfect. The ultrasound technician and doctor could find nothing to indicate there are any problems with the baby. Bean was curled up tight in a ball in the beginning and then did a full 180* and never stopped moving. At one point he was kicking his legs in and out over and over again. Unfortunately we couldn't get a good picture of Bean's face since he appeared to prefer laying looking at my back. The one shot where Bean was looking at us he had his hands covering his face.

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