Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gimme Five Bottling - 2011

On Saturday, our family gathered for our 4th annual Gimme Five bottling party. This time was a little different because there are now six grandchildren. We changed the name from Gimme Five to Gimme Five-GOT SIX!
The weather was a little cold and dreary but the mood was fun and festive.

As we were waiting for the festivities to begin, the kids explored the forklift, the hillside and the barrels.

Each year getting the gravity feed from the barrel to the filler is our #1 challenge. In years past we even had to resort to alternative measures to get the wine flowing.

Henry has never had his picture taken on the PINA rock. I guess he didn't want it taken today.

We try to have every person do each job. Mays was very intent on getting the foils just right.

Grace has been a perfecting her labeling technique for four years. She is now a Master.

Cooper is still working on his technique.

Dallas got in on the labeling action also.

While everyone was working Henry snuck into the chips and got himself a snack.

Grammie with Dallas and Grace

Cooper and Emma worked together to get the corks in the bottles.
The GOT SIX gang on the new PVM tractor.

The kids on the PINA rock.

Grammie and Grampa with all six grandkids.

John, Tracy, Mays and Dallas Pina

Grace, Jason, Emma, Cooper, Trish and Henry Donoho

The whole gang!