Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoo Field Trip

I've been having a really hard time lately. I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions. I'm trying to be a good wife, mom and employee and I feel like I'm failing at all of them.

This past week Grace's class had a field trip to the San Francisco Zoo. Even though I felt incredibly guilty for taking the time off work since I have so much to do there, I promised Grace that I would drive on the trip. Originally we were going to take Henry with us. After thinking about it, I decided to leave him with Connie and spend the day one-on-one with Grace. One major part of my mommy guilt the last few months is that Grace doesn't get the attention she is craving. I feel like she is always given the short end of the stick since she is so easy going. This was my opportunity to give her 100% attention.

On our drive down to the city she talked non-stop. The only times she was quiet was when we were going through the tunnels.

When we got to the Zoo she was so excited!

Can you see that she lost her 3rd tooth last week.

The number one thing Gracie wanted to see was the Koalas.

Grace really liked the polar bear, lion and penguins.
I thought the meerkats were adorable.

I think she had a great time!

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