Friday, October 17, 2014


These past two weeks have been an exercise in faith, prayer, gratitude and thankfulness.

It all started on Thursday, October 2nd.  I had taken the day off work in order to accompany Grace on a Field Trip.  The trip was scheduled to start around 10:30 and I had an hour or so free between a dentist appointment and having to be at school.  I debated what to do with my time and decided to start with Starbucks.  While I was in line I got a call from her school.  Grace wasn't feeling well.

When I arrived at school I discovered that she had a fever and was feeling awful.  She complained that while singing in chapel her vision when black, her ears started ringing, and she felt both hot and cold at once.  Her teacher elaborated that her face went white and then green.  By the time I had Grace at home her fever was 103.

Friday we went to the doctor and her lungs were clear.  We were told to wait it out.  She would likely peak on Sunday, feel better on Monday and should expect to go to school on Tuesday.

Friends and family were praying for Grace and she was getting better over the weekend.  Monday Grampa stayed with her and she seemed to be well on her way to recovery.  Sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning that trend changed.  By Wednesday she was worse than ever and I was praying.

Wednesday we went to the doctor and discovered it has progressed to Pneumonia.  Praise God the diagnosis resulted in a prescription for strong antibiotics and a clear path for recovery.

After a week and a half of illness, Grace was finally well enough to go to school on Monday, October 13th.

The 11 days Grace was home gave me many moments to pray for her health and recovery, to offer praises for modern medicine, and to be so grateful for a boss that understands that my family needs me.  David didn't hesitate when I let him know that I was going to do my best to work from home for the duration of Grace's illness.  Thankfully I chose a career that allows me to work from home and that has flexibility to work the hours that are possible in any given week.