Sunday, February 28, 2010

So long, February

It is not very often that I'm so happy to see a month end, but this month I'm happy to see February go.

The month wasn't all bad.
We did get to confirm that we are indeed adding one more to our family with a great ultrasound.
I also got a wonderful promotion at work. I'm very excited to be working directly for our president doing analysis and research into the company sales and operations. Hopefully helping management to make better informed decisions in the future.
Jason and I also got to have a weekend away in Lake Tahoe. The time to reconnect and relax was much needed.
Unfortunately, February was also plagued with illnesses. We had not one, not two, but three bouts of Strep Throat. It started with Grace and moved on to Cooper. We thought it was over until Jason was diagnosed yesterday. Cooper had not only Strep, but also Croup and an awful cold. All of the illnesses coupled with a non-sleeping toddler have left me exhausted. I'm hoping that March will be the beginning of Spring for our family and illnesses will be left in Winter.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Away

This past weekend, Jason and I went to Tahoe, with no kids! After the holidays and a busy few months, we desperately needed a weekend to reconnect and relax. Grammie and Grampa graciously agreed to watch the kids for the whole weekend. I was worried to leave the kids especially since Cooper had been sick all week, but thankfully by Friday morning he seemed well enough to go to daycare.

We left Friday morning after dropping the kids off at school and daycare and made our way up to the mountains. The drive took about 4.5 hours, but we made a few stops along the way (to look at tools, leather, and have lunch).

Jason booked us a room at the Hyatt in Incline Village. It was a great resort right on the lake. Too bad I forgot my swimsuit, because it had a cool swim out pool. We kept thinking we should come back with the kids sometime.

Saturday we spent visiting Cabela's and Reno. I've never been in a Cabela's and I thought it was quite a place. Jason was disappointed that it was much smaller than the Cabela's in Kansas City. We finished Saturday night with dinner at the Lone Eagle at the Hyatt. The restaurant was fabulous. The food was delicious and the service outstanding.

Sunday morning we stopped for the "best breakfast in Tahoe" and then started on our way home. We figured we'd pick up the kids around 2:30. As we approached Donner we found out the Hwy 80 was closed! We had purposely picked North Shore since we were sure the roads would be open, usually it is 50 that closes going into South Shore. Upon hearing the road would not re-open for 4 hours, we decided to drive around the lake and leave via South Shore. What a nightmare!

Our return drive took 8 hours, much of it driving less than 10 miles per hour. We didn't get to Grammie and Grampa's until after 6pm. By then everyone was exhausted and ready for bed. Sunday night was a bit trying on the nerves, but by Monday morning everyone was back to usual and so far we're having a good week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Father-Daughter Dance

Earlier this month, Jason got to take the girls to the annual Girl Scouts Father-Daughter Dance.
Grace was so excited to go to her first dance! She loved her dress (of course she loves all dresses!) and would not let me take a picture of her without a pose.
Emma was a little disappointed she had to share Daddy with Grace, but she was happy to have a date night.
Daddy with his girls.
Cooper was very upset that everyone was getting their pictures taken without him. He wanted in on the action.
While Jason and the girls were at the dance, Cooper and I ate pizza and ice cream on the family room floor, picnic style. While we ate we built block towers and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Cooper's favorite, he asks for it by name).

Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Middle of the Night Trip to the ER

You would think that being the third kid, Cooper would never have any firsts. Well last night he did, and it wasn't a first I was looking forward to.

We put he him to bed around 7:30 after we came home from Sunday Dinner at Grammie & Grampa's house. He seemed perfectly healthily. Around 11:30 he woke up screaming. I went into his room and was surprised to hear him almost choking. Then I realized he wasn't breathing correctly. I yelled for Jason to come in and listen to him. Then I turned on the light to see if he had vomited since it sounded like he had gagged on something. Then the coughing started. He sounded just like a seal.

None of our kids has ever had Croup before, but I knew that it was characterized by a seal bark. I was unsure if it was croup or asthma, but either way I knew he wasn't getting a good breath and I was terrified to let him go back to sleep.

Jason and I quickly decided we needed to take him to the Emergency Room. Jason stayed home with the girls and I hurriedly put on some clothes and drove to Santa Rosa. Thankfully we were in and out in less than an hour. They listened to his lungs which were perfect. They checked his ears and throat and everything was good. We got some Motrin for his fever and steroids for the croup and were sent on our way. The doctor explained that cold, moist air was the best way to relieve symptoms and that Cooper show be 100% in a day or two.

I'm thankful that today is a "stay-at-home" day and I can watch him all I want.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tired Boy

Think he is tired?

After a long day of looking at tools with Daddy, Cooper was one tired little boy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big News

Jason and I got the shock of a lifetime on my birthday morning when the test popped up "PREGNANT". We had thought we were done at 3, but I guess we're going for 4!

After being in shock all weekend, and not uttering a word, we had an ultra-sound on Monday which showed we are already done with the first Trimester. The baby is due the beginning of August. It took another two days to process that fact and finally on Wednesday we broke the news to the kids.

Now, almost a week later, I think we are all adjusted to the fact that our house is going to busting at the seams. Today's ultra-sound makes it all even more real.

Happy Birthday, to me!

The 22nd was my birthday! I know lots of people don't want to admit when it is there birthday, or they want to let it pass quietly in the night. I'm not one of those people. I love birthdays, especially my own. I don't mind getting a year older. It is sure better than the alternative. I might feel differently when I'm "old" but I'm perfectly happy being 36.

It is not about presents or having all the attention on me. I just like that birthdays are a chance to spend the day with family and friends. And, of course, there is no pressure to bake a big meal or decorate the house like on other holidays.

Jason likes to joke that my birthday lasts for a week. The first year we were married my father took Jason to Mexico dove hunting over my birthday weekend. I joked that we could celebrate before he left and finish our celebrating when he got back. Since then I try to stretch the party out as long as possible.

This year the big day was on a Friday, so I could only stretch it over the weekend. On Saturday, my parents, Jason, the kids and I all went to the Melting Pot in Larkspur for fondue. We had never been there before but I've been wanting to go for several years. I think Jason and Dad weren't too sure what we were getting into, but went along for the ride since it was a request I had made. Turns out the place was fabulous. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the food. Cooper especially liked the chocolate. The only bad part was I forgot my camera so no chocolaty grins for the blog.

On Friday night we gathered at our house for Chicken Parmesan and presents. Both of the girls made me homemade cards which I absolutely adore. There is nothing quite like a personal note from one of your kids. Cooper can't write yet, but he did sing me happy birthday (his favorite song). Click on the photo to hear him singing.