Sunday, February 28, 2010

So long, February

It is not very often that I'm so happy to see a month end, but this month I'm happy to see February go.

The month wasn't all bad.
We did get to confirm that we are indeed adding one more to our family with a great ultrasound.
I also got a wonderful promotion at work. I'm very excited to be working directly for our president doing analysis and research into the company sales and operations. Hopefully helping management to make better informed decisions in the future.
Jason and I also got to have a weekend away in Lake Tahoe. The time to reconnect and relax was much needed.
Unfortunately, February was also plagued with illnesses. We had not one, not two, but three bouts of Strep Throat. It started with Grace and moved on to Cooper. We thought it was over until Jason was diagnosed yesterday. Cooper had not only Strep, but also Croup and an awful cold. All of the illnesses coupled with a non-sleeping toddler have left me exhausted. I'm hoping that March will be the beginning of Spring for our family and illnesses will be left in Winter.

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