Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big News

Jason and I got the shock of a lifetime on my birthday morning when the test popped up "PREGNANT". We had thought we were done at 3, but I guess we're going for 4!

After being in shock all weekend, and not uttering a word, we had an ultra-sound on Monday which showed we are already done with the first Trimester. The baby is due the beginning of August. It took another two days to process that fact and finally on Wednesday we broke the news to the kids.

Now, almost a week later, I think we are all adjusted to the fact that our house is going to busting at the seams. Today's ultra-sound makes it all even more real.


  1. Congrats! I saw your thread over in the Mommy section at SC and have been intrigued by your surprise pregnancy!! So crazy, yet wonderful!

  2. A comment from your father; absolutely wonderful news. It was meant to be. Now we will have another one to spoil. We are here to spoil when we have the chance and help whenever we can. Love, Dad...

  3. Jumping over from SC to read your blog. How exciting for you!!! We just found out we're expecting #4 as well but unlike you, I'm just over 6w and we haven't seen the hb yet. Can't believe you missed the first tri! That's awesome! Anyway, wanted to say congratulations!!!

    (IFBPreachersWife, now Blessed1 on SC)