Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's growing up.

Cooper John is growing into a big boy. I think it is time for potty training. He has been giving lots of signs lately that he is ready. Last night when I heard a scream come from the girl's bathroom and ran in there to find Cooper wet from his knees to the middle of his back I knew it was past time to buy a potty seat.

Cooper had pulled down his pants, taken off his diaper and climbed onto the potty to see. What he didn't realize was that instead of just flipping up the lid, he flipped up the seat. He fell in and was terrified. I dried him off and put on a clean diaper. He was very upset because he said he still needed to pee. Unfortunately he didn't want to try the big potty again and he refused to sit on his little potty. Today we will buy a potty seat and over the Good Friday/Easter weekend we will attempt potty training.

I think it is also becoming time to move him into a big boy bed. He has been having more and more issues with going to sleep and sleeping all night in his crib, but every chance he gets he will curl up in Grace's bed and pretend like he is sleeping. The past few weeks we've been bring him into our bed and he is pretty happy to sleep under the covers with us. We have a toddler bed in the garage so I'm tempted to bring it into the house and see if he sleeps better in it.

I don't really have a problem with him sleeping in our bed, but frost season has begun. Last night Jason had to get up to take care of the vineyards which left me at home with the kids. I brought Cooper into our bed around 2:30am and around 3:15 I was awoken with a thunk. Turns out Cooper kept inching over to Jason's side of the bed until he finally fell out. There were no tears and I pick him up and he stayed pretty close to me the rest of the night. I feel much more comfortable when he is sandwiched in between us with no chances of falling out. It makes me feel that a toddler bed might be a safer option for him, at least if he does fall out he won't get hurt.

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  1. Your kids are adorable! Leila moves so much during the night I am dreading the toddler bed... we'll definitely need those safety bars or she will be sleeping on the floor.