Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Weekend!

For the first time in what seems like months, I had a great weekend! It is amazing what a little iron and a little sleep can do. I've actually got energy and feel alive! Of course, it did help that the sun is out and the weather is beautiful. Saturday started off jam packed with to-dos. Emma Jo had a science workshop, soccer game and date with Grammie. Grace had Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales (her first!). I had a list a mile long of things to buy at Target and the mall, things to clean, chores to accomplish. Thankfully Jason took Emma to her activities and I got to work down the to-do list and spend the day with Grace.

Sunday started off with French Toast and church (after we realized what time it actually was, thanks time change). Then the afternoon was spent constructing a lady bug and turtle costume. They are almost done and I'm pretty proud of how their turning out.

Then we headed to Grammie's for Sunday Dinner. With the great weather we were able to play outside both on the swing set and with bubbles!

Emma Jo is too big for the swingset but she loves to drive the golf cart!

After dinner it was time for S'mores. Grace was commenting on the way to Grammie's that we used to have S'mores at least twice a summer and we haven't had any in months. She didn't care that it was still winter...

Cooper didn't want a S'more, but I think he ate more marshmellows than anyone else. I stopped counting at four...

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