Sunday, December 20, 2009

What a Week!

This whole Christmas season is tough! Not only is work crazy with so many people buying gifts they want shipped to arrive before Christmas, we've also had holiday events every night for the past week.

It started with the Silver Oak Christmas party last Saturday. For the first time it was an adults-only party which meant we left the kids with a babysitter overnight for the first time ever! They've only ever spent the night with their grandparents. Cynthia has been babysitting them since Grace was a baby, so I wasn't really worried about it. Jason and I had a good time watching everyone in their 70s outfits for the Disco themed party.

Sunday was the Christmas party at church. We started with getting our Christmas tree in the afternoon, then had dinner with Grammie and Grampa. After dinner we headed to Church for carols and cookies.
Monday evening Jason and Emma had a father-daughter date. They did their Christmas shopping and then went to Applebee's for dinner.

Tuesday Emma Jo's Girl Scout troop had their Cookie-Making Holiday event. All the girls and their families were invited to decorate and bake cookies. Emma Jo and Grace had a great time covering their creations with as much sugar as possible.

Wednesday is Awana night and this week was caroling for the big kids and movies for the little ones. We didn't get home until after 8:30 that night.

Thursday was Windsor Christian Academy's school Christmas play. Emma Jo was the reporter on camera and a member of the chorus. She did a fantastic job!

Friday was Pina Napa Valley's holiday party. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Casino night. Katherine made a great meal and it was fun playing Blackjack with Jason, Mom and Dad.

Saturday Grammie and Grampa were nice enough to watch the kids while Jason and I finished our Christmas shopping. We finished quickly after just three stores, so we went to John Ash for dinner to finish off the night.

Today was church and the Silver Oak kids party. Thankfully it was at Twomey West and was a low key cookie decorating party. The kids enjoyed putting as much frosting and sprinkles as possible on their cookies and then eating as many as possible. Santa came to the party and each child got to sit on his lap. Emma Jo was "too old" but relented when she realized it was the only way to get one of the $25 Target gift cards he was passing out. Grace eagerly told Santa how she wanted a Barbie for Christmas. Cooper was terrified and wanted Grampa to save him. The longer Santa was there the more relaxed Cooper became, but he still definitely did not want to sit on his lap. Finally after everyone else had a turn, I took Cooper and plopped him on Santa's lap. He only hesitated a moment before he was all out crying trying to throw himself at papa. Jason said it was torture, but I'm sure we have pictures of all the other kids crying on Santa's lap, it wouldn't be right to deprive Cooper of his opportunity. Later on tonight Cooper was telling us that he sat on Santa's lap and told him that we wanted a race car.

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