Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

Yesterday it started raining. The weather forecast is predicting a steady week of rain with several inches falling in the next 8 days.
The kids and I have today off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (King Day as Gracie calls it), so we were looking for something to keep us occupied while staying dry. Playdough seemed the perfect answer.

We mixed up two batches yesterday afternoon while Cooper was napping. Gracie made purple (although she insisted on calling it magenta).

Emma Jo made aqua-marine. The girls spent a good hour yesterday making playdough pizzas and animals.

This morning Emma Jo is more interested in playing on the Wii, but Cooper loves the playdough.

He has been bring me presents saying "cookie for you" or "Merry Christmas" and asking me to taste his creations.

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