Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top Secret Personal Beeswax

Being a working mom is HARD... especially with school aged kids. They do so many fun things during the day and it is disappointing for both of us when Mom can't be there to join in.

That I why I make a concerted effort to attend as many things as possible. I try to go to just about every soccer and basketball game. When I have to miss one I make sure Daddy, Grammie or Grampa is there. I go to Girl Scout events, ballet recitals and special plays, concerts and performances.

I also try to go on at least one field trip with each child each year.  Last Friday was my turn to go with Grace. I went with her class to see a Junie B Jones play. I had seen an earlier version of the play with Emma Jo when she was in 2nd grade. Just like that time I was engrossed in the play. It was quite fun to see how many characters there were in the play with just a handful of actors. It was also great fun to remember all of the stories from reading them with Emma. It made me realize that I need to dig them out of boxes so that Grace can read them before she is too old to enjoy them.

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