Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holiday Traditions

There are some holiday traditions that you just HAVE to do every year, carve pumpkins, decorate the Christmas tree, and dye Easter Eggs are a few of those in our family. Each of these activities has a huge buildup each year. The kids ask for days (sometimes even weeks) when they are finally going to get to do it. When the day finally comes I get questioned hourly "is it time? Is it time yet?".

Today was that day for Easter Egg dying. The kids were excited. I didn't feel there enthusiasm. Added to my dread was the fact that Henry is only 1.5 years old and we had a two child to one parent ratio. Grammie and Grampa usually take part in the traditions with us but they had a special 50th birthday party to go to tonight.
It started in a blur as the kids filled their cups with dye. Henry tried to eat one of his and ended up with blue lips after Emma fished it out of his mouth. Then we finally got ready to dye the eggs and Cooper dropped his first one on the floor. Henry threw each of his into the cups. When Henry tried to get his first one out we ended up with green dye all over the kitchen table. Then he tried to eat the first one. Then soon after Cooper spilled two of his cups on the table. He said it was okay since he was done with those colors.
In the end with wound up with 15 or so beautiful eggs and four happy kids. I guess that is all that matters, right?

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