Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday ... to me!

Today's my birthday! For the record I'm 35 today. I still don't understand why people get depressed about their birthday's as they get older. I love birthdays. Sure they aren't as exciting as when we were young, but they are still fun. As a kid I loved presents, cake, pizza and candles. Now, as an adult I still love cake, pizza and candles, presents aren't as important anymore. I've come to realize I really don't need anything, I have plenty! Although I am looking forward to gifts from the kids tonight. I love to see what they bought or made. Each of the girls does a great job of really thinking about their gift recipient when purchasing a gift. I used to love birthday's because they were the only "holiday" that didn't have to be shared with everyone else. Then I became a mom. Now even though I'd love to take the day off, get a massage and watch a movie, I have to go to get the kids ready, drop them off at school and daycare, go to work, pick the kids up and take Grace to ballet. Then we have to figure out something for dinner (maybe pizza?) and finally, maybe, we'll get to have a little cake and open presents.

Here's a picture of the girls making my birthday cake two years ago. Unfortunately we're not going to have time for them to make me a cake this year. Too bad since I love all those sprinkles..
From Archive Pictures

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