Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

1. My family is the most important thing in the world to me, especially my husband, my kids, my parents, my brother, my nephews...
2. I always wanted sons and when Emma Jo was born I was shocked. I couldn't believe I had a daughter. Then I fell madly in love and I couldn't imagine my life without her.
3. I still want to be a teacher when I "grow up". High School Calculus - Mr. A inspired me.
4. I hope that rearing my children will be my biggest accomplishment but I always worry that I'm not doing a good enough job.
5. My brain moves so fast it is often difficult for me to concentrate on one thing at a time. I'm much better at multi-tasking.
6. I can only keep a job position for about 2 years before I become completely bored in it and start seeking out new challenges.
7. I want to watch professional baseball games in every major league stadium and am so bummed that some of the most famous have closed before I had a chance to visit.
8. There are times I get overwhelmed with the children and Jason takes them out of the house to give me a break. It is great for about 30 minutes and then I miss them like crazy.
9. I love watching movies in the movie theatre and prefer to go alone - then I get all the popcorn.
10. I regret that I didn't stay in contact with my friends from college.
11. I was an exchange student in France in High School. I wish I still spoke French fluently.
12. I cringe when I read improper grammar. Mr. Ainsle and Mrs. Williamson made a huge impression on me.
13. I wish there was a church in my area with Saturday services. I would love to attend with the kids but Sunday morning is our only morning together as a family.
14. I am eternally grateful for my parents. They have always shown that family is the most important thing to them. I judge my parenting by the standard they set.
15. I still don't feel like a "grown up" even though I've been I married for 13+ years and have 3 children.
16. I really want to go sky-diving.
17. I wish my hair was red.
18. I hope to run the family winery someday.
19. I'd love to take a vacation with just my husband, but I know I wouldn't enjoy it because I'd miss the kids too much.
20. I work in the wine industry but I really have no palate for wine.
21. I secretly wish someone would nominate me for What Not to Wear so that I could get a whole new wardrobe that looks good on me.
22. I love to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 even though I would go insane if I had 8 children and I would never speak to my spouse the way that Kate does. It is still fun to watch how they live.
23. I never filled out the baby books for any of the kids.
24. The mornings when the house is quiet and all the kids are asleep is my favorite time of the day.
25. I hate to wear socks and would prefer to be barefoot.
26. Bad drivers are a huge pet peeve of mine. Get in the correct lane and don't cut me off because you failed to plan ahead or you wanted to get one car ahead. We'll all get there at the same time!
27. When my children are loving towards each other it melts my heart and makes me so proud.
28. My children's laughter is my favorite sound.

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