Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bath Time

Cooper John loves bath time! It is probably his favorite activity of the day, followed closely by eating, climbing in his toy basket, and playing hide-and-seek. He can splash harder than any kid I've ever seen. When he is done taking a bath Mommy is soaked, the floor is soaked, the walls are soaked and Cooper is adorable. I never knew what other parents were complaining about when they said the kids destroyed the bathroom at bath time. The girls were always very calm in the bath.

Last night Cooper discovered a new game to play in the bath. He would bend over until his face went into the water. Most of the time he would either blow bubbles or lick the water. A couple of times he accidentally inhaled some of the water and then started coughing and looking at mommy with that "what did you do to me" look. I'm thinking he is going to like swimming in the pool this summer.

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