Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to Reality

Vacation was nice. Too often our lives are so busy we don't get to spend any time together. I enjoyed the week where the family could just be together, no laundry, no chores, no cleaning. No homework, no ballet or gymnastics, no set obligations. Just family and driving and movies and bickering and exploring. I liked seeing happy Cooper was to have all his people around him. When one of us would get out of the car without him he would plead over and over again for his missing person. I loved seeing Emma Jo helping her little brother and sister to play, or drink out of the water fountain, or throw a ball for the dog. I enjoyed listening to Grace's stories (which go on and on...). It was a long drive, but it was worth it.
Yesterday was the first day back to work and school. The family vacation feeling was quick to fade. When we arrived home from a long hot day, it felt like we had never been on vacation. We were back to homework, baths, dinner, stories, and bedtime. Everyone was hot and tired. Everyone wanted to just be, but we had too much to do. I'm hoping that we can start finding some more time to be together and enjoy each other without having to drive for two days.

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