Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Four-Year-Olds say the Darndest Things

The rule in our house that the only TV that can be watched in the morning in the news. This helps with the dilly-dallying that seems the plague our morning routine. Since Grace is usually my early bird, this means that she has watched her fair share of news in the last few months. It became apparent just how much she pays attention to the news when she started making comments about the presidency race last fall.

One morning in December, Grace asked me when Rock Bamma was going to be president. I explained to her that his name was actually Barrack Obama. She replied that she thought Rock was a better name, so she was going to call him Rock.

Another morning she asked me why the president wasn't allowed to change his clothes. I asked her what she was talking about and she commented that he is always wearing a suit and tie and that it just wasn't fair that he couldn't change his clothes. If you've ever seen Grace dress herself you would know that she has a keen since of style and is always paying attention to clothes and shoes. Last week her favorite outfit was when she matched a black soccer shirt with turquoise floral leggings and a red velvet skirt.

One morning in January she asked what was the name of the current President. I told her George Bush. Her reply was "what a silly name". I asked her "Barrack Obama or George Bush?" Her answer was "George Bush, why would anyone be named after a plant?"

Recently we uncovered a coloring book about the United States. Within the book there is a page for each state which includes details about each of the states including landmarks, state bird, state flower, etc. When we got to the page for South Dakota, Grace was intrigued by Mount Rushmore. She asked me who the faces belonged to. I told her they were four of the most famous former presidents, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. She quickly asked where they would fit Rock on the mountain. I told her that Mt. Rushmore was made a long time ago and they don't add presidents to it anymore. She replied that she was sure Rock would be added since he is going to be a great president.

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