Friday, January 14, 2011

Cool Dad

My uncle Ranndy is a treasure trove of old pictures. Today I got an email which contained this picture of my dad. I'm not sure if I was even born when this picture was taken. Being a farmer, he and my grandfather learned how to make do with what they had. I've heard that although this home-made sulphur spray rig isn't pretty, it served a need for many years.

My first thought when I saw this picture in my email was that my dad looks cool! I remember being a little girl and thinking that he was the coolest guy and loving spending time with him. Even when it was "at the ranch" while he was working. I always thought that he could fix or make anything. I wondered how he knew what he was doing, but I never doubted that he could do it. I think this spray rig is evidence to that.

(For the record, I still think my dad is the coolest guy, and I still think he can make or fix anything.)

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