Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Worn Out

Yesterday the kids and I had a "stay at home day" due to the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday. We started off slow but when we got going there was no stopping. First we (I) cleaned out the fridge, did some laundry and organized the pantry. Then we headed to the Dollar store to get supplies for Grace's "Student of the Week" presentation. Next was down to Windsor to drop Emma off at Halle's house. Lunch was a treat for the little kids with a visit to "ChickenDonald's" and playing in the kids' area. I don't think I've taken them there since before Cooper was born! Grace and Cooper had a blast and played so nicely together. We went in since Henry was hungry, but once we got there he was too distracted by all the kids running around to eat. I guess everyone had the same idea for a holiday Monday.
After lunch I took Grace, Cooper and Henry to the grocery store. Surprisingly it went very well. Grace and Cooper were pretty helpful getting stuff off the shelves, and our morning adventure clipping coupons netted over $35 in savings!
Once we got home we put away groceries and played outside. Then Cooper took a bath since he was filthy! After the bath it was evident that Henry needed a nap. As I was putting Henry to bed the little kids were watching Scooby Doo in the family room. Cooper was curled up in a towel eating a yogurt. When I emerged from the bedroom I discovered Cooper sleeping in the chair with the yogurt and spoon still in his hand. I guess three days home with Mommy was just too much for him.

We ended up waking him at after 7pm so that he could have some dinner and get dressed before going back to bed.

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