Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great Weekend

After feeling awful on Friday, I was so happy to feel great this weekend. The weather has been perfect and the kids and I have tried to take advantage. Yesterday we played outside in the water and today we had a picnic in the yard.

We took Henry's bathtub outside so he could have a "swim".

Grace and Cooper played with buckets of water.

I told them not to get each other wet. I guess I didn't say they couldn't get themselves wet.

Later, Grace and Jason went to the annual Girl Scouts Father-Daughter Dance. The theme was Flowers and Flip Flops. Jason was pretty happy he could wear a Hawaiian Shit. Grace was thrilled to wear flip flops and her new Easter hat.

While they were at the dance, I stayed home with Emma, Cooper and Henry. We made pizza buns for dinner and had sundaes for dessert!

Cooper was delighted to have whipped cream! It is one of his favorites. Emma Jo liked the chocolate sauce and the black and white ice cream.

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