Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proud Mommy

I sure am a proud mommy.

1st Grace - Grace read me this story last night. When I finally got a chance to see it I was surprised by how well she is writing, both her penmanship and how well she sounds out words and tries to guess how they are spelled. She told me that the requirement was to write 4 sentences, but she "filled the whole page!" I think this is pretty good for a 1st grader.

Next Emma - Emma Jo's 7th Grade Girls Basketball team is currently in the playoffs for their league. They came in to the playoffs ranked 2nd since they lost one game in the season. Last night was the first game of the playoffs and THEY WON! Today is game 2. I'm very proud of how well she is doing, how much she has improved over last year, and the fact that this is her 2nd year on the 7th grade team and she is still only in 6th grade. Just think how good she'll be as a 7th grader!

Then Cooper - Cooper is learning so much at Preschool! He comes home singing new songs, telling me about animals and plants, and examining everything to see what it is made out of. The other day when I asked him what letter he was learning about (they have a letter of the week each week), he couldn't tell me the name, but he could show me the sign!

And Finally Henry - Henry has learned how to crawl! He has been getting by with scooting and reaching lately, but he is now officially a crawler. He has good form and is now working on the speed! Now I need to start baby-proofing!

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