Monday, March 14, 2011

Rock and Worship Road Show

Saturday night I got to take Emma Jo and a few members of her youth group to the Rock and Worship Road Show in Sacramento. I was very excited to get to go to the concert and even more excited to spend the night with Emma. Since Henry was born he had monopolized my time and energy. I feel as if I've given the other kids the short straw, especially Emma Jo. She is so independent and un-demanding that I haven't given her the attention she deserves.
She was gone all of last week at Outdoor Science Camp at Mt. Hermon and I missed her. The concert was probably not the best decision in terms of Emma being tired from camp and then the time change (not to mention a nursing baby who sleeps with mommy), but it was a great decision in terms of a night worshiping Jesus together and a night spending time with Emma.

(I wasn't sure if I could bring my camera into the show, so this is one I got from the RWRS blog.)

It was a long afternoon/night. We left Windsor at 4pm and didn't get home until 2:50 am (3:50am if you count the time change). Thankfully there were only 7 of us from FBC so we were all able to ride together in the Yukon. We stopped for dinner on the road and I got my first taste of Sonic! We finally arrived at the concert at 6:45 and the only seats left once we walked in were behind the stage. It would have been great to see the front the stage, but it was an amazing experience regardless. I definitely hope to go back next year.

I was exhausted yesterday, but it was so worth it!

I had been worried about Jason and Henry, but they survived. Big thanks to Mom and Dad (Grammie and Grampa) who came over and helped with Cooper and Grace. It is nice to know that everyone will survive (and even enjoy themselves) without me. It makes me not feel too bad about planning on attending the FBC women's retreat in a couple of weeks.

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