Thursday, October 9, 2008

Soccer, Soccer, and More Soccer

We've had our fill of soccer lately. Thankfully Emma Jo loves it and she is getting pretty good! Last night we had a scrimmage against the U10 Girls competitive team. Emma Jo is still playing in the recreational league which has a season that runs August through October. The traveling competitive league goes April through November, and they play or practice at least 6 hours a week!

We were prepared to be blown out of the water. Coach Andy prepared the girls for defeat, but he thought it would be a great opportunity for the girls to see how a more experienced team played the field. We did end of losing, but we did great! The girls didn't back down against the more experienced team. Our goalie stopped lots of shots and everyone had fun.

Tuesday's game was probably even more fun for the girls since that was the annual "parents v. the kids" game. Jason and Grace played on the parents team while Cooper and I cheered from the sidelines. I think it ended in a tie, but there were lots of laughs and joking throughout the game. That night everyone slept well in our house!

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