Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins & Vince Gill

Last night, Grammie and Grampa came over for pumpkin carving for Halloween. Each of the girls drew their jack-o-lantern faces all by themselves. This year was only the first or second time that Emma Jo was willing to get her hands dirty and reach inside the pumpkin to scoop out the guts. Grace wasn't up for that adventure and requested gloves. We didn't have any gloves so she recruited Daddy and Grampa to help her.

Cooper was more interested in trying to eat his pumpkin.

After pumpkin carving was over, Jason and I went to see Vince Gill perform an acoustical concert. Although it was a long, late night, we had a great time. He gave a great performance with lots of stories about his family and his songs. Many thanks to Grammie and Grampa who came and watched the kids while we had a night out.

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