Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gimme Five Bottling 2010

Saturday was the third annual (and last) Gimme Five bottling. Why the last? It isn't because we don't have a good time (we have a great time!). It is because my next year there will be six grandchildren! We'll definitely have a bottling next year, but we are still thinking up the name. What is your suggestion?
The "real" pictures are coming soon. These are a few I snapped with our camera.
All the principals and their parents and grandparents.
left to right: Tracy Pina, Mays Pina, John R. Pina, Dallas Pina, John C. Pina, Rickie Pina, Grace Donoho, Cooper Donoho, Emma Donoho, Trish Donoho (and little bean), Jason Donoho
Grammie and Grampa with four of the Gimme Five. Mays was not in the mood for pictures.
Emma Jo and Cooper playing with a ball waiting for their chance for pictures.
We try to give everyone a chance to do every job on the bottling line. Corks, Foils and filling bottles are usually the favorites.
Cooper wasn't interested in bottling, but Grampa showed him how the pallet jack could be raised and lowered. After Grampa had to go back to work Cooper convinced Grammie to play his new game.
Gracie has been the chief labeller since year one. She takes her job seriously.
Cooper also convinced Grammie to take a break and share some Doritos.
The kids had fun playing Bocce before and after the actual bottling.

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