Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last weeks of School

The girls are busily gearing up for the last couple week so school. I was looking at our calendar the other day and realizing just how busy May is and June isn't much better. Before we know it the baby is going to be here!
Last week I was lucky enough to chaperon both girls on their end-of-the-year Field Trips. I was waiting to post until I had the pictures downloaded and edited, but I just don't have the time or energy for that these days. It seems as soon as I get home I'm ready to lay down. Unfortunately I can't do that since I have three little people to take care of.

Tuesday Grace's Kindergarten class had a field trip to the Windsor Town Green. We played on the playground until the Library opened at 10am. Then the Librarian told us all about the library including the types of things they carry, where things are located and the rules of the Library. Did you know you can check out 30 books at a time for up to 3 weeks! That sounds like 25 lost books in my house! After our tour each of the kids got there very own library card and were allowed to check out a book (we limited them to 1 on their first visit).
After the library it was back to the playground for lunch and then Powell's brought over Gelato for dessert. Grace loved it! I'm not sure how she tasted it because when she was done her bowl was still full and her entire body was covered in chocolate, from her eyebrows to her shoes!
On our way home Grace declared that she wants to move to Italy since they have the best pasta and gelato! I told her maybe we could visit there someday.

On Wednesday it was Emma Jo's 5th grade trip to Sacramento. We left the school at 8am and didn't return until almost 7pm. It was a long day! We started our day with a stop at the Sutter Fort. I was surprised by how small the fort is. I only had Fort Ross to compare it to, but I'd say Fort Ross is twice as big. The kids liked looking in each of the rooms, but the highlight was a tie between the gift shop and the man, dressed in period attire, who fired a real musket.
After the fort we headed over to the Capital building. We ate our lunches on the lawn before entering the building. The kids had a list of questions that needed to be answered so we scoured the halls, stairwells and galleries looking for information about the capital and the state. The architecture and details were amazing and it was fun to remember that the last time I was in Capital was on my own school field trip.
Our next stop was Old Town Sacramento. We headed over a little early and managed to find ice cream before the rest of the class came over. We didn't have much time for shopping before our tour of the Railroad Museum, but the Ice Cream was worth missing the shopping. By this time I was exhausted, so I welcomed the 20 minute movie at the museum. (Thankfully I didn't fall asleep like one of the other parents). The Railroad Museum is pretty cool and I'd love to take the whole family back later this summer. I think Cooper would love it! The kids had a great time scouting out the trains and I pretended to be a weary traveler and watched from a bench.

It isn't often that I get to do one-on-one things with the kids and I regret that. I'm sure it will only get worse once the Little Bean is born. For now though, I'm enjoying the time I have with them and trying to spend as much quality time with them as possible.

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