Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How many times can I look at them and feel so overwhelmed with love?

Tonight I was cleaning the kitchen counters when I glanced out the window and saw Grace and Cooper playing outside. They were laughing and swinging on the swings side-by-side. They were having a great time just the two of them. I stood there watching in amazement. Amazed that they were having such fun together. Amazed that they were mine. Amazed that each and every day I love them more and more. You'd think that after time I'd get used to it. I'd know they are mine. I'd know that I love them. There would be no capacity to love more. And yet, it seems that the love swells and swells and it never bursts.

Later, Cooper was playing ball while Emma Jo watered the garden. Cooper bent over to get his ball and whacked his head on the edge of the table. Emma immediately ran over, scooped him up, kissed his owie and made it all better. She hugged him, kissed him, loved him. It made my heart swell again. How did I get so lucky to have such great kids? I love them, they love each other. There couldn't be anything better.

I'm one lucky Mommy.


  1. Oh you are going to make have more than two kids if you keep writing like this...

  2. Oh!! You have such great and loving kids. You are one proud Mommy. It's really a joy to see our children bond and just have fun with each other. You are so blessed to have them. :-0