Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

My dad's most favorite thing is his family. He was the most excited about anyone when he found out about the little bean. He delights in his grandchildren and will use any excuse to spend time with them. We have dinner together every Sunday but he often finds excuses to see the kids another time during the week.
One of his other favorite things is growing things. I'm sure this is why he became a farmer.

To finish off the Gimme Five celebration on Memorial Day weekend, Dad got all of the grandkids to plant pumpkin seeds in the garden. It has become a tradition for Grampa to provide personalized pumpkins for each of the grandkids (and other special kids too). The past couple of years the Gimme Five have been involved in the planting. I think this is the best merging of Dad's two loves.

Grampa sorting out the multiple types of pumpkin seeds for distribution to the Gimme Five.

Cooper digging in the dirt. He and Dallas were much more interested in digging than the actual planting.
Dallas and John planting in their designated pumpkin ring.
Grace and Mays planting.
Emma Jo and Jason showing Cooper what to do.
Cooper, still playing in the dirt.
Grace showing off her pumpkin seeds.
When all of the pumpkin seeds were planted the boys wanted to plant more so Grampa got out the tomato starters and let them help with those as well.
Mays and John planting tomatoes.
Cooper had to use the "big" shovel.

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