Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Official Summer Kickoff

I know the calendar says summer doesn't start until next week, but in our house it has officially started! Yesterday was the girls' first day of their summer camp. This year they are going somewhere new, Steve and Kate's Camp. The camp has been in Marin and San Francisco for years and is new in Santa Rosa this year. It looks like a lot of fun with many options for the kids and both Grace and Emma can attend, which makes it a great choice for us!

On their first day, Grace knitted a scarf and sewed a pillow. Emma Jo learned hip-hop, started recording movie, started knitting a hat for the baby and played Dance-Dance Revolution. Both girls talked about camp all night last night and were excited about what they might try today. Emma is thinking about making a blanket for the baby. Grace wants to try out Hip Hop.

Both girls agreed that the food was fantastic. Emma had a crepe for morning snack. Yesterday was cinnamon crepes, but she thinks there might be different flavors every day. She also enjoyed the lunch of Margaretia Flatbread and Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. Each day there is a choice of five different meals (Sandwiches, Pasta/Rice, Flatbread, Salad and Soup). Grace wasn't willing to try something new, but did say their pizza (flatbread) was very good.

I'm so happy that we found someplace for the kids to spend the summer that they really seem to enjoy. It makes me happy to hear them so excited about their day.

In Cooper news, he is officially potty trained! He decided himself on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend that he was done with diapers. He went through a few days of protesting having to use the potty but we have only had a handful of accidents since he made his declaration. This past weekend he discovered the joy of peeing outdoors. I think he has only used the potty a couple of times since Friday night when he discovered that he could stand and pee on the grass. I think he is the cutest little thing and I'm pretty happy that we will only have one in diapers in August.
Cooper has also gotten better at going to sleep. He moved into his toddler bed last month and we've been transitioning him from rocking to sleep to being put in his bed awake and falling asleep on his own. Last night we read a story, rocked for about 10 minutes and then I put him in his bed. I held his hand for a couple of minutes (until my back couldn't take it anymore) and then I kissed him and walked out of the room. Cooper protested a couples of times (he said he needed a band aid) but after just 2 or 3 visits from Papa he fell asleep and stayed asleep until almost 6am.

I could do without some of the heat we are experiencing, and I wish my back and side didn't hurt so much from this pregnancy, but overall we are having a great kick-off to the summer. On this week's agenda is: Saturday-Emma Jo's birthday party, Sunday-shopping for Father's Day then dinner at Grammie & Grampa's, Monday-Basketball practice for Emma, Tuesday-Jason's softball game, Wednesday-Bible Study for Mommy & Youth Group for Emma, Thursday-Emma's 11th Birthday!, Friday-Family Game Night (or maybe the new Toy Story movie), Saturday-Mommy & Daddy Date Night, Sunday-Father's Day. We are busy, but having fun together.

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