Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Big Switch

There was lots of activity in our house this weekend. We finally made the switch and gave Emma Jo back her own room. With Cooper becoming such a big boy, we promised Emma Jo that she could get her own room back and Cooper could bunk with Grace. Everyone seemed pretty excited about the possibility. Grace is ecstatic to finally be big enough for the top bunk. Cooper is so proud to be a "big boy" and get to sleep in Grace's bed. Emma is just happy to finally have her own space.
We started the move on Saturday morning by having Emma sort and pack her closet. To make matter really complicated Grace wanted to move from her dresser and her side of the closet to Emma Jo's dresser and closet. Clearly those are to be used by the oldest so it was her rightful place. So Saturday we had to get Emma's things out of her room, Cooper's things out of his room, Grace's things into Emma's old space, Emma's stuff into Cooper's room and then Cooper's stuff into Grace's room. We also had to put the baby stuff into our room so that Emma could have her real furniture, not a baby changing table/dresser combo. Right smack in the middle was nap time so most activity had to halt as Cooper took a nap in his old room. By that time I was exhausted and so happy Daddy was home to help.
Thankfully by Sunday afternoon Emma Jo's room is completely re-done. She is so very, very happy to have her own room and is so proud of how she put it together. We didn't do any painting or even change the window treatments since we're not sure which room she will be in after the remodel.
The little kids' room is about 70% done. Their toys and books need to be organized. Cooper's clothes need to be loaded into his dresser. All of the wall art needs to be shifted or changed.
The biggest work still needs to be done in our room. We have odds and ends from each of the kids on the floor. We have several loads of laundry that need to folded. The baby's stuff is sorted but nothing is washed or put away. It is basically chaos in our room. Jason is frustrated since he doesn't do well with disorder. I'm even starting to feel claustrophobic. Unfortunately I've felt awful today so I haven't been any help at all. I'm counting on feeling better tomorrow and tackling at least the clothes and having Rosie vacuum the floor. I'm sure that will go a long way towards our room being livable again.
I am happy to say that we now do have a car seat and diapers! I just need to wash some baby clothes and we wil be ready for baby!

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