Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

On August 18th, the girls went Back to School. Emma Jo started 6th Grade and Grace is now in 1st Grade. Grace is delighted to have Mrs. Codding for a teacher (and Mrs. Stadum for a substitute) and Emma Jo is thrilled that they are now upstairs in the Jr. High. In Jr. High the students get lockers and Emma came home from school on the first day with the exciting news that she got a top locker!

All four kids in front of the house on our way off to school. Cooper keeps asking when he gets to go to "Grace's Kindergarten".

In front of the sign at school.

Gracie and one of her best friends, Matthew waiting to go into class. They have been together since she was 12 weeks old and started daycare.

Group shot of the 6th Grade before they head upstairs on their new adventure.

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