Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a Week!

It is only Wednesday morning, but we've already had quite a week. It started Saturday morning with Cooper puking in the carpet store. Guess we'll have to pick out the new floors for the house another day! Then Saturday night Henry decided he didn't need to sleep. I didn't get him down until 11:30 (he usually goes down around 8!). Then at 2 he woke up and could not be comforted. I finally discovered he would sleep in my arms if I sat in the LazyBoy rocker. We stayed there until 7am. Thankfully Jason was off this weekend and Henry and I got to sleep in until almost 10! I was still exhausted and tried to take the day easy.

Monday I got everyone to daycare and school and was just settling into a groove at work when my phone rang. Cooper was sick again. I hurried to daycare and picked the boys up. By the time I got him he seemed fine so we spent the day lazing around the house watching Bolt. Henry had a doctor appointment in the afternoon and we discovered he is totally "average". He weighed in at 14lb13oz and was in the 50th percentile for weight and length. Monday night Henry didn't go to sleep until 10pm, but he pretty much slept all night (except for a few snacks).

Tuesday Cooper stayed home with Grampa and Daddy while the girls had their Thanksgiving parties at school. Henry was a daycare and it was a quiet day. The quiet ended around 6:30 when Cooper accidentally touched the wood-stove. Then there was screaming and tears. After running cold water on it for 30 minutes and holding onto a Nemo and Lightning McQueen icepack we discovered he was more scared than hurt. He was exhausted from the experience and fell asleep in Jason's arms around 8pm.

This morning everyone seems to be better. Cooper's hand is a little red but I can't see any blisters. Henry is snoozing on the bed. The girls are sleeping in knowing they have a five day weekend. I'm hoping this is a sign that the week is changing and we'll have lazy days and happy kids for the long holiday weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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