Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family Camp 2011

Two years ago, when we joined FBC Windsor, we heard about members of the congregation going to Family Camp. I didn't grow up with a family camp tradition but I was curious. I did grow up camping with my family every Memorial Day Weekend and I love all of the memories. I wanted to give my kids an annual tradition that they could look back on with fond memories.
Jason and I talked that first summer and agreed that we would go to Family Camp the next year. Then last year I was 8 months pregnant with Henry. We weren't able to attend. This year we decided there was nothing that could stop us.
Last Friday we packed up two vehicles and headed up 101 to Redwoods River Resort.

After a short 2.5 hour drive we were setting up our campsite.

I had been very worried about how much work it would be to camp with a baby. It turns out it was just as much work as I feared. But thankfully I have a wonderful husband who does more than his share, and great kids who help out as much as they can.

In no time Jason had everything set up and we had our new home sweet home.
Then I took the kids to the pool.
Later that night we had a group dinner, devotional and campfire.

After getting a little sleep, Saturday morning we kicked back in front of a campfire.

One of my biggest questions about camping as an adult was "how are we going to make our morning coffee?" We decided to get a French Press and I'm happy to say that the coffee wasn't too bad, in fact it was pretty good.

Cooper loved camping! He played with his scooter, hung out in either jammies or a swimsuit all weekend, and generally just enjoyed hanging out with daddy and getting dirty.

I was amazed with God glorious creation all around us. We slept under "Big Jack". The redwood trees are amazing and it is cool to think that they are one of the oldest living things on earth and they are only found on the Pacific Coast.

The church had activities for the kids every day. Gracie was in heaven since she loves to do crafts.

The only way to keep Henry from eating rocks, sticks and dirt was to hold him or strap him into his highchair.

Saturday afternoon we went to the pool and then took a short hike to the river.

There were fish in the river.

Henry tried to eat river rocks by the handful.

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