Monday, September 1, 2014

18 years!

18 years ago I married the man that God chose for me. I never could have chosen such a wonderful partner on my own. 
I am so blessed to have an amazing man who always puts me first. He loves me, provides for me, encourages me, builds me up and makes me my best. I am honored to be his wife. 
Recently I commented to a co-worker that I don't mind driving to Oakville once or twice a week because I can often sneak in a lunch with my husband when I'm there. She was amazed that I would look forward to having lunch with him since we love together and see each other everyday. I can honestly say I do. I think about him throughout the day, wonder how he is doing and long to just talk to him or see him. I even like driving by his office and knowing he is just up the road. It is a little sappy, but I love that after 18 years of marriage he still makes me feel special. 
This weekend we celebrated with a fancy dinner, breakfast at his favorite diner, champagne tasting and dinner with the family. Today was a lazy day of errands, laundry, ice cream and fantasy football. 
I love that we can be ourselves with each other, we enjoy our family together, and we are just as happy celebrating with left overs as with a 5 star restaurant. 

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