Sunday, September 7, 2014


Friday night was the annual Father-Daughter Campout at FBC-WCA. Jason and the girls went for dinner and campfire but chose to come home to sleep since harvest in on and Jason had to work on Saturday. 
While I had the boys to myself, we chose to have a Mother-Son date night. The boys chose In & Out and Baskin-Robins. I added the park. 
There was the normal bickering about which park, park first v. Ice cram first, etc. But overall it was nice to have a night with just my boys. 

The next day it was me and 6 kids!  Grace had brought home her best friends Hannah and Ashley whose dad couldn't make it the the Campout.

We made m&m pancakes, scrambled eggs, and breakfast burritos for breakfast. Then we cleaned the chicken coop (and gathered the egg), cleaned and organized the pantry and freezer and lazed around all day. We were all happy to see jason around 4, of course I'm sure he was happy to have a long week finally over. 

Other fun things last week, Henry started taekwondo!  He has been watching practice for 2 years and we felt it was finally time for him to start.  He went to a few orientation classes and really progressed already. Friday we went to his first Tiny Tigers class and he loved it. Mr Hauth have him a uniform and he is looking forward to wearing it next week.

Also, our chickens have started laying eggs!  Monday we got our first little brown egg. 

I'm pretty sure it is one of the Rhode Island Reds who layed the first egg. She likes to hang out in one corner of the nesting box and that is where I found it. We've gotten eggs every day this week wzcept for Tuesday. Thursday made up for it when we got 2!  So exciting to go out there in the afternoon and find an egg in the nesting box!

Added:  taking the boys for ice cream or frozen yogurt is a regular thing when the girls are at the Campout with Jason. Here is a picture from the same night 2 years ago. 

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