Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back to School Night

Thursday we had "Back-to-School" night for Emma Jo. She is now in the 4th Grade and has two teachers. Mrs. Davis is her regular teacher. Mrs. Hembree just adopted a new baby, Christopher John, so she is only teaching Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

At Back-to-School night we learned that 4th grade is much different than 3rd grade. The emphasis this year is on students taking responsiblity for themselves. They are encouraged to set their own study schedule and manage their own assignments. Parents were urged to step back and let their children succeed or fail on their own. This is also a year when we switch curriculm from A Beka to Bob Jones which is apparently a big step up in cognitive thinking.

The classroom displayed some of the students work from so far this year. Each student is making a scrapbook this year. The cover page showcased Emma Jo's name and had Christian characteristics for each letter of her name. Next was her "I am" poem. I loved reading how confident and thoughtful Emma Jo is these days.

Grandpa came to the house and babysat all three kids while Jason and I were at school and Grammie had choir practice. I heard that he and Grace counted and had tea parties while Emma Jo watched TV and finished her homework.

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