Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Monday was back-to-school as usual. We got Emma Jo signed up for Girl Scouts (be ready to buy some cookies this spring!). She is now a Junior Girl Scout which means Mommy gets to sew patches on a green vest this year. Sunday night Grace picked a tomato out of Grandpa's garden and brought it into preschool for snack on Monday. Mrs. Winter reported that Grace shared the tomato with all the children and teachers, but Grace didn't want to eat any. Mrs. Winter ate most of the tomato and she reported that it was delicious, very sweet and meaty with very little acidity, one of the best tomatoes she has had all year.

I finally got my new Title and Job Description for a promotion I was offered in June. I'm now officially the "Consumer Direct Systems Manager". I'm happy with the title and responsibilities and glad to have that settled and behind me.

For dinner last night, Jason made Beer-Battered Fish & Chips. Emma Jo loved the "home-made fish sticks" although she said they were more flakey than store-bought and fell apart easily. I wanted to give Cooper his first taste of fish, but he was a tired little boy and fell asleep before 7pm.

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