Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mays & Dallas!

Today is Mays and Dallas' birthday!

We had a great weekend in Los Gatos celebrating the boys' birthday and going to the Neil Diamond concert. Neil Diamond is probably mom's all-time favorite singer and John & I grew up listening to his music. I vividly remember all of the Saturdays and Sundays as Mom cleaned the house belting out "Wearing Blue Jeans." Mom, John and I went to the concert together. It was nice to spend a little time together just the three of us and it was great to see mom relax and enjoy herself. She has had a lot going on lately with my Grandma in and out of the hospital and definitely deserves a little down time.

The girls really enjoyed spending time with their cousins and the twins seemed to have a great time playing with their big cousins. It was lots of fun to play with the boys and not have them be shy or afraid of us. Cooper even liked playing with all of the "big boy" toys at his cousins house. I can't believe they are already 2 years old. Only re-enforces to me how quickly they grow and Cooper will be 1 before I know it (less than 2 months!).

Emma Jo is old enough now that she gets to help babysit the little kids when I am busy. In the hotel she watched Cooper while Grace and I went downstairs for a cart and coffee. I showed Emma how to answer the door with the lock on (since she was too short to see through the peep hole) and instructed her to not open the door for anyone but Mommy or Grammie. I think she felt very mature to be given that responsibility.

We'll see when Cooper wakes up, but I think he got his second black eye yesterday. The first one came a few weeks ago when he pulled the hamper down on himself in the bedroom. The 2nd could have come yesterday when he rolled down the back step to the patio. He was playing inside while Grace and I set up her tunnel on the grass. She noticed that he wanted to come out so she opened up the sliding glass door for him. Next thing I knew he was about 2 feet away from the step laying on his face screaming. When I asked Grace what had happened she reported that he came out to play and then started crying. I asked why he was crying and she had no idea. Then I asked how he got to where he was and she calmly replied that he had rolled there. He as fine after a second, so no longer term consequences beside a likely black eye.

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