Sunday, March 22, 2009

"F" Week

Each week at school Grace learns a new letter of the alphabet. Each day of the week they practice the letter, learn about things that start with the letter, eat foods that start with the letter and learn a song about the letter. This past week was "F" week.
On Wednesday the kids got to have "Fancy Nancy and Flamin' Hot Wheels" party. The girls dressed up like Fancy Nancy. The boys brought in hot wheels, wore t-shirts with cars, and had a toy car race during the day. Emma Jo was a fantastic big sister and spent a lot of time with Grace helping her to pick out the perfect outfit.

I thought that would be the highlight of the week, but it turns out a Fireman came to school for sharing on Friday. Grace was so excited to tell me about how to Stop, Drop and Roll. She had Jason check the smoke detector. She also told us about how firemen's coats have zipper (because they are faster than buttons) and how firemen crawl when they enter a burning building since the air is clearer down there. Grace told Grampa all about the visit and he let her borrow his very own firehat from his volunteer days. She brought the hat home so that she can bring it for sharing during "review" week.

Yesterday was Emma Jo's final day of selling Girl Scout cookies. Her troop was focused on gathering donations for the military this year. They set a goal to collect donations of 100 boxes to be sent overseas to the soldiers. With 1.5 hours left of sales they had already hit 106 boxes!

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