Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've done it, finally. I've gone ahead and descended into March Madness with the rest of the masses. Now you are probably asking yourself "how did this happen?" since just about anyone who knows me knows that I don't like watching basketball on tv. Sure I played basketball in school and I definitely understand the game. I like watching it live, but I can't sit and watch a televised game. There are so many better things to watch on tv (like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, NCIS and Lie to Me). I'll tell you how it happened, a friendly little bet. In years past, some of the guys at work have participated in Fantasy Football and NCAA brackets. They've shared some good natured ribbing about wins and losses. This year Linda and I insisted that we wanted to play too.
Since I don't follow college basketball I did a lot of research into how to fill out my bracket for the Tournament. My main strategy was in regards to mascots. For each match-up I evaluated which mascot was tougher. Bear vs. Bird - clearly a bear could eat a bird. Warrior v. Animal - Warriors have spears. Everyone I've shared my strategy with has laughed, but so far it seems to be working out. I haven't actually watched any games yet, but I've checked my results on-line and as of Friday morning I'm 12 for 16 with a possibility of 186 points. Sure, I'm in last place, but only by a point. Jason says it really only matters if I have the Final Four correct anyway.

Maybe I'm starting to like college and professional basketball. I sure did enjoy the Warrior's game that Mom and Dad took us to a couple of weeks ago. It was especially fun that we beat the Mavericks.

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