Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebration Sunday

Our family has made a big decision in the last few months. Back in the spring we started going to church. The kids have gone to Christian school for years, but we had never gone to church services together as a family. Partly it was because Sundays were our family days. Jason works six days a week most of the year and Sundays were our morning to sleep in, snuggle, and spend together as a family. We would start the day with a big family breakfast, spend the day doing errands and chores around the house, and end Sundays with a big dinner with Grammie and Grampa.

One day in March that all changed. Jason knew I'd been missing church and he must have felt that something was missing in his life as well. One day Jason announced that we needed to go to bed at a reasonable time on Saturday because we were going to church on Sunday morning. The girls and I were shocked, but also very intrigued by this new pattern. We still have a big family breakfast it is just at 8am instead of 9:30. We still run errands together and do chores, it is just at noon instead of 10:30. And we still have Sunday dinner with Grammie and Grampa, one of the highlights of my week.

A couple of years ago, the church associated with the girls' school, First Baptist Church, got a new pastor. We met Pastor Lance several times through school functions. Each time we met him we were impressed by how real he is. Lance is definitely not perfect and he very open and honest. It was refreshing to meet a Pastor who was relatable. I think Lance played a big part in getting our family to church. We've been attending every Sunday and feel more and more drawn into the church and the fellowship of FBC. A few weeks we haven't been able to attend and it hurts deep inside when we miss a week.

Ever since Emma Jo was born I've wanted to have her Baptized. I was raised as a Christian and I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour many years ago. I knew that I wanted my children raised as Christians as well. We never had it done because I didn't belong to a church that she would be raised in. As soon as we started attending FBC I knew this was the place I wanted the children Baptized.

After talking to Lance and reading the Bible, I realized that a true Baptism is a full-immersion Baptism of Believers. This means that it really isn't appropriate to Baptize babies since they are not making the decision as believers. I then found out that FBC celebrates Baby and Child Dedications. This is a ceremony where we as parents and the congregation agree to lead the child in their spiritual growth in Jesus Christ.

This weekend FBC is celebrating Celebration Sunday. They will be dedicating many babies and children as well as welcoming new members and Baptizing believers. I knew right away that this would be the weekend we finally had Grace and Cooper Dedicated. After much prayer and contemplation I also decided that I would be Baptized. I was Baptized as an infant in the Presbyterian Church, but I feel it is appropriate that I have a true Baptism of a Believer as described in the Bible. I am excited that Emma Jo and Jason have also decided to be Baptized this weekend.

I feel like we have having a rebirth and starting our family again. This week Jason and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, but it feels almost like we are starting a new marriage with Jesus as an integral part. I'm beyond happy for our family and I pray that we can continue to grow in our relationship with God both individually and as a family.

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