Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Soccer Game of the Year

On Wednesday night, Grace played in her first soccer game ever! It was very cute. Imagine 10 little girls, wearing shorts that go past their knees chasing after an orange soccer ball. It was usually a mob of blue and white punctuated with pony tails bobbing in the wind. The girls were much more aggressive than I thought they would be. The parents were commenting on the number of elbows flying, it looked like the girls were playing football.

In the under-6 category there are no goalies just forwards. Grace was very willing to kick the ball when it came close to her and she would trail alongside the mob, but she was not very interested in being in the middle of things. She did enjoy the throw-ins and goal kicks, and especially liked the soccer ball hair-ribbons that coach passed out.

Emma Jo kept commenting when the girls didn't follow the official rules. We tried to explain to her that the little kids are more about having fun and building a love for soccer than about learning all of the technical aspects of the game.

Cooper was being quite the show-off while Grace played and was dancing and high-stepped while he watched to make sure Grammie and Grampa were paying attention to him.

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  1. The girls are adorable....but that look on Cooper's face...hahaha reminds me of my 2 year old's mischief face!!!