Saturday, September 12, 2009

Father-Daughter Campout

Last night, First Baptist Church and Windsor Christian Academy hosted their 11th annual Father-Daughter camp-out. This year, Jason was the first dad to sign up. Friday was a beautiful day in Sonoma County with temperatures reaching into the 90s. While I was home with Cooper, enjoying a quiet Mother-Son evening, close to 150 people turned to the event.

Around 4 o'clock this morning I was awoken by the sound of thunder. It was long and loud. Not long after there was a huge flash of lightning followed by more thunder. As I listened to the unexpected storm, I thought about Jason and the girls. I knew that the plan had been for the girls to sleep in the tent and Jason to sleep on his cot under the stars. I wondered if they were waking up to raindrops and I prayed that lightning wouldn't touch down on that field of tents.

This morning Grace was scheduled to have her 2nd soccer game at 8:30am. As Cooper and I started our day I wondered if the game would be cancelled. A quick glance outside showed that it wasn't raining and the ground barely looked wet. The thunder had mostly stopped by 6am so the rain must have stopped then as well. I called the field hot-line and found out the fields were tentatively open as long as the rain abated. I went about getting ready for the game.

Around 7:30am Jason called to confirm our plans for the morning. I naively asked him how he liked his 4am wake-up call. He quickly let me know that the thunder and rain had actually started at 1am. He also let me know that they had failed to put up the rain shield on the tent since the weather had been so beautiful all day. Emma Jo got very little sleep due to the storm. Jason got hardly any sleep at all due to Emma Jo's shoes under his sleeping bag. Gracie on the other hand was oblivious to the whole ordeal and slept through the night.

Throughout the day today I heard many reports about the night. Grace loved the campfire and s'mores. She said the fire was a little big and scary so she let other toast her marshmallows. She did like when Darrin poked the fire with a stick and it got "huge" with sparks flying everywhere. Emma Jo loved that she had a birthday party in the middle of the evening that had a firetruck in attendance. She was impressed with the firefighters and that they turned on the flashing lights for the girls. Jason enjoyed the fellowship with other members of the congregation and parents of the students. He also liked getting home and taking a shower and putting on dry boots.

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