Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night at dinner we discovered that Cooper knows about the ABCs. Connie must be teaching the little kids, because it is definitely not something that we have introduced to him. We were sitting at the table and Cooper pointed to his sister's shirt and said "ABC". We looked and it did have writing on it. Then he looked around the table and pointed out the ABCs on everyone's clothing. He finally looked at me in my solid black shirt and said "No ABC?"
This morning, as I was rocking him at 4am, he started playing with a little pillow. He was running his fingers along the surface and laughing. When I asked Cooper what he was laughing about he responded that his pillow had ABCs on it. He then tried to sing the song. Cooper only know ABC and sing with me, but he loves it when I sing the whole song to him. He even claps when I'm done!

Grace has been doing a great job with her ABC lately too. Of course she has known her ABCs for a long time, but she is actually starting to read! She brought home her first completed reading book last week and a second came home earlier this week. She is so proud of herself and insists she will "really" be able to read by Christmas. Last night she even asked if she could start reading the family bedtime story as soon as she knew how to read. I love seeing her so excited about something I enjoy so much!

Emma Jo continues to love reading! On her last trip to the school Library she checked out the first book from Harry Potter. I wasn't sure if we was ready for it, but she is 10 and I need to give her freedom to pick her own books. She became engrossed in the book and finished it in four days. Now she is constantly asking if we can go to the public library to check out the 2nd book in the series. Apparently they only go to the school library every other Friday and Emma Jo can't wait that long to get the next book!

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